Video SEO – The Secret Sauce to Video Marketing

When it comes to conquering the digital realm, Search Engine Optimisation (SEO) is the secret sauce for a killer video marketing strategy. It’s like giving your website and online content a turbo boost to soar through search engine results and bask in the spotlight. With effective video SEO techniques, you’ll magnetise organic traffic, unleash brand exposure, and attract those oh-so-precious leads to your website!

Video SEO - the special sauce

1. Captioning

Unfortunately, search engines do not have the magical power to dissect your videos directly, but they’ve got a clever trick up their algorithmic sleeves. It’s like they’re eavesdropping on your keyword-heavy script, secretly boosting your Video SEO behind the scenes. As a bonus, videos with well-optimised captions tend to strut their stuff higher up in those coveted search results.

2. Metadata

Your data’s data. Think of it as a digital treasure hunt for search engines. They go on a quest through your video’s transcripts, titles, descriptions, and tags, carefully analyse every detail you’ve added to your content. Why? Because this data holds the key to ranking your videos. So, instead of settling for generic file names like “FinalVid2023” it’s time to get descriptive and sprinkle those precious keywords like they’re the secret to eternal life. Clever video transcripts not only entice Google and other search engines with relevant keywords, but also opens the doors to link building opportunities! Metadata is like offering search engines a grand feast of SEO goodness

3. Placement

Got a snazzy landing page for your website? Plop your video right there, smack in the middle where all eyes can feast upon it. By enticing visitors to stick around on your landing page, you’re not only boosting engagement but also giving your SEO a solid high-five. Bye-bye bounce rates. Hello landing page that screams “INTERESTING” and “USEFUL” in the search engine’s ear. Enjoy better SEO rankings and skyrocket your chances of converting visitors into loyal customers!

4. Thumbnails

If your video doesn’t look engaging at first glance, your audience won’t even bother clicking on it. That’s where a game-changing visual comes into play. Choose a relevant, high-quality image that screams “engaging” and “visually-appealing.” By doing so, you’ll rise above your competitors, leaving a lasting first impression etched in the minds of your viewers. And let’s not forget the cherry on top – it will make your content look downright gorgeous. Your chosen thumbnail is the gateway to capturing your audience’s attention and ensuring they take that enticing click.

5. Google My Business

Are you giving your Google My Business (GMB) profile the attention it deserves? By optimising your video SEO for GMB with captivating imagery, regular updates, attention-grabbing videos, and all the relevant information, you’ll witness Google doing its magic and giving your business a well-deserved boost when people are on the hunt for exactly what you serve! Brace yourself for a skyrocketing presence in search results. You can even post on GMB, just like you would on any other social channel!


Phase 3 Ecom can integrate your EPIC videos into your social media strategy and help your business optimise its social media presence. Driving more Opportunities, more Leads and more Sales (which is what everyone wants)!

By optimising your website and content (and working with the Phase 3 Team), we can send search engines into a frenzy, craving to showcase your videos to the world. Think of it as a game of hide-and-seek where your keywords play hideout, waiting to be found by those sneaky search engine algorithms. Once they’re found, you get to enjoy numerous benefits such as increased visibility, organic traffic, and valuable lead!