So You’re Going to Start a Blog. What Next?

You’ve chosen to start a blog for your website. We have actually talked before about the advantages of beginning a blog but you may be questioning where to start.

Our number one tip before you go through the rest of this guide is:

Just begin!

As we have actually pointed out previously, blogs are a terrific way to improve your SEO and consumer interactions, so the longer you leave before beginning your blog site, the more you are missing out on the advantages.

But I’m Not An Author

Probably the greatest obstacle you might think about before beginning a blog site is that you must be a fantastic writer to be effective. Absolutely nothing could be further from reality. People read blogs to hear an individual viewpoint on subjects. Most blogs you’ll check out are written in a conversational and fairly informal style.

To have a good blog site, you actually just require one thing:

A passion for what you are talking about.

If your organization is everything about fishing supplies, you’ll currently have that love, proficiency and experience with fishing. People will want to hear from someone who truly cares about that topic, so even if you’re blogging about paint drying, people will listen, since you’re passionate about the paint, about the walls and about the method the painter use to work their magic.

How Should I Be Blogging?

What is your blog site about?

Keep in mind, people are reading your blog to be familiar with you and your organization.

Are you a source of knowledge supplying instructional material?

Are you full of stories and like to discuss your experiences on the job?

The subject of your blog is very crucial. Here are a couple of subject tips:

Life Experiences

This sort of blog site is everything about your own lessons you have actually learnt through life. These can be things you’ve found out on the job or if your product or service is connected to a hobby or activity, like fishing, your blog can be about the experiences and lessons you’ve learnt while fishing.


This is a blog that helps your clients learn more about you or your business a bit better. This might be where you share different aspects about yourself or your business, like what you do every day, some ideas or opinions you have about where the industry is going, or even just sharing your pastimes and interests. You might desire to use your blog site as a place where people can get to understand you a bit better if you run a consultancy business or are an inspirational speaker.


This is a blog where you are all about providing recommendations. Perhaps you’re resharing the trending market news, or possibly providing some valuable pointers & tricks. Whatever it might be, this type of blog is suited for services where you wish to develop yourself as the specialist in your field.

At the end of the day, it’s okay to change your subject up, as long as each post adheres to a single subject. If you don’t keep it consistent within the post then that can cause problems. If in one post you’re talking about your preferred fishing areas and in the next paragraph you’re talking about politics, people are less most likely to stay and read your posts. Ensure your posts always have a subject and they always have a main point. For example, this post is all about assistance for starting a blog site, so I shouldn’t go on a tangent about the best ways to optimise on-page SEO. If you have a couple of ideas you want to share, you can compose more posts and the link between them.

Develop Valuable Content

Giving your visitors quality content is essential to an effective business blog site. That is how you establish the authority of your website in your industry. If you offer a fantastic blog to your readers, they will thank you by returning and eventually seeking your advice with products or services.

That being said, try not to make your content too “salesy”. People reading your blog are going to see heavy sales content as superficial if you are dropping items and services into every single post. Readers are usually unresponsive to pushy or aggressive posts that are constantly attempting to sell them something. If you’re composing a post about your ‘Top 10 Best Fishing Rods’, then of course you can include your products and link to them. However if you’re discussing an experience you had and suddenly there’s a bunch of links to products, that can actually take people out of the story and stop them from staying.

Frequency & Preparation

Blogging regularly is an excellent practice to keep your blog from stagnating and keep your SEO high. Each time you add a brand-new post to your site, this is treated as brand-new content on your website. Search engine crawlers will then search your page to find significant details which will increase your general SEO.

I’m not recommending that you invest all of your time creating blog posts. You have a business to run and sometimes writing for a blog feels like the last thing you want to do. You could have a staff member modify your business blog site or compose a few of their own posts.

Preparation is also a good way to keep on top of your blog site. You can plan to compose a post a week or write numerous posts in one day and schedule to publish them over the course of the month.

Do Some Research

A terrific way to find motivation for your blog is to do a little bit of research on what your competitors are doing. What are some of their blog site post headlines? What blog posts would I like to read?

Taking motivation from others in the market can help you discover what you want to blog about. Just make sure you are always keeping your post original and not copying their blog word for word. But if you see an article you truly like, compose your own take in your own words.

In general, the main takeaway about starting a blog is to make certain you get started. Although we have supplied some help on what ways you can get inspiration or how you can write, don’t get too stuck attempting to ensure you have the ideal blog post. Composing blog sites takes practice and sometimes you may not know what subject you want to write about up until you begin writing.

If you wish to have a look at a few of the benefits of writing a blog, make sure to read our previous blog post.

And so we hope we’ve helped provide you with some assistance in beginning your very own blog site. Have fun writing!