Should My Website Have a Blog?

Should your website have a blog? Lots of small business owners think that writing for a blog is a waste of time when they first make their website. They’re busy, and the majority of them don’t believe writing a few hundred words about their services or business insights would help them grow their company. They are, to put it bluntly, incorrect.

Here are a few of the ways something as simple as a blog can have on your organization.

Build Your Reputation & Let People Know You

Blogs are the best method to construct your company’s brand identity. Do you wish to be called just some other gardening service amongst the dozens on the internet? Or do you want to be kept in mind as that down-to-earth gardener? That gardener that has valuable pointers for keeping the rest of your garden in an ideal condition.

People start to read and find out more about you when you start blogging and show it off on your website. While About Us pages and business info blocks are terrific, giving people a growing number of blogs to check out helps them establish a connection with you and your service. Let them know who you really are. Let them see how friendly, funny or down-to-earth you or your business are.

Better yet, if you’re producing content that individuals are commenting on and sharing, your readers will start to feel like they’re part of a small community and they’ll rely on you to learn more and get the industry insights. Position yourself as a market specialist. It’s not just about offering your services or products but also about offering your valuable knowledge.

When you explain your item or service suggestions, readers who trust your recommendations will trust you. And when you provide quality tips and tricks, you’ll stay top of mind when they are, for instance, needing a gardener who they know is going to give them a quality service.

Our Advice:

Blogs with suggestions and tricks, the current news or trends, or even your on-the-job experiences, all help construct that rapport. Think of providing content that is informative and handy and posts that may even motivate more discussion.

Search Engine Optimisation

Now, who would I be if I didn’t mention SEO? It’s the biggest part of any website these days and pretty much anything you do on your site needs to consider SEO.

As discussed above, the goal of the blog site isn’t just to spit out some words and call it a day. It’s to create something that individuals will return to and read again. And each time they come back for more informative content, your SEO improves.

Each time you write a brand-new article, that’s another page that will trigger crawling by search engines. Consider search engines crawlers like a buyer at a farmers market. They want something to eat. And they need something that’s fresh.

If they come up to your stall and you don’t have much produce, and the last piece of fruit you have is starting to look a bit old, when somebody asks them, “Hey where should I go to get some fruit?” they aren’t going to put your stall on the top of that list. However, if you’re choosing blog sites each week or each month and putting them on display, you can bet that search engines is going to put you higher on that list.

The SEO advantages of beginning a blog really make it worth the time. Dropping in some keywords that relate to your company into your blog site can improve your SEO rating. Adding some internal links is also great. For example, when you’re speaking about the “Top 10 Must Haves in Your Camping Emergency Situation Kit”, you can recommend one of your items and link them straight to the product page. There are much more ways blogging can enhance your SEO but we’ll go more in-depth on those another time.

Generating Leads

You may discover that individuals are drawn to your website to read your blog site post and then they discover your company. The more articles you develop, the greater the chance of website visitors converting into new consumers.

Blogs are also a great method to motivate visitors to join your mailing list. At the end of some of your blog site posts, you might encourage people to subscribe to your month-to-month newsletter. Your newsletter can be a way for individuals who enjoy your blog site to enjoy more from you.

Not sure how your SEO is performing? Have you got all these SEO numbers spitting back at you and you’re unable to understand it all?

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